Friday, July 31, 2009

My Favorite Yogurt

Fage. It is the only yogurt I like. It's Greek yogurt, and actually tastes nothing like yogurt as we (Americans) know it. I'd even say Fage is the best Greek yogurt, even in Greece! It's a bit dear (at $1.89 for a 7oz. pot at Trader Joe's) but I only eat about one a week and don't have it all at once since I'll use a spoon full of it here and there in things like tuna salad, etc. It's great before a long workout since it's seriously high in protein at 17g for a 7oz, 130cal serving. I'm not even so sure that it's accurate.
At any rate, it is 100% natural (only raw milk, raw cream, and live active cultures) and their cows are not given the growth hormone rBGH. Whether or not they're grassfed, I have no idea, but given that it's produced here in The States I think you can bank on it not being. Baby steps.
This morning I mixed mine with 2oz. of blueberries, 1/4 cup of raw Trader Joe's Multi Grain cereal, and a hearty shake of cinnamon. I also swapped my almond milk (which made my coffee taste sour and mank) for rice milk, which I like much better. It's nearly double the calories, however at 130cal/cup vs. almond milk's 70cal/cup. You can't go drinkin sour coffee though, so sod it.