Sunday, August 2, 2009

Backup Dinner: Trader Joe's Frozen Tamales

Sunday nights are usually a good opportunity in our house to finish up what needs to be eaten in the fridge before starting the week with a new shop on Monday. Our veggie bin had a wee head of lonely broccoli that needed a home, so I steamed that up along with a frozen beef tamale from Trader Joe's. (It might just be a mental thing, but I feel steaming vs. microwaving makes them less processed?) I discovered these on a pinch during exams one night in our freezer and have been hooked ever since! At 240cals, they make a handy quick meal and can be steamed in the same pot as your veg of choice. Nutrition-wise, if you look at the ingredient list, everything is both pronounceable and recognizable, so it's not too bad on that front. I doubt the beef is grass-fed though, nor did the package mention gmos or hormones. God that's tough in this country. Hard to believe that was something that used to be just taken for granted, eh? Still is in other parts. But until I obtain an EU passport, moderation and overall awareness will just have to suffice.