Saturday, August 1, 2009

When Life Gives You Soft Peaches...Make Grilled Peach, Plum, Brie, and Arugula Paninis!

I like my peaches like I like my men: yummy sweet and firm to the touch. (Joking! Well..kinda) And there's nothing my mom and I hate more than soft peaches. (OK slight exaggeration there because there's loads of stuff I hate more than that. Like traffic...or stepping in dog poo...or terrorists.) So when our firm-at-purchase stone fruit began going soft, I recalled a recipe I watched Giada de Laurentiis make on The Food Network (and modified it slightly, of course). Hers called for peaches sauteed in butte and honey, which just sets the calorometers in my head spinning, so I decided to grill mine, along with some soft plums, instead. For these, I sprayed a grill pan with (surprise!) olive oil and sprinkled the sliced fruit with cinnamon and nutmeg.
For the paninis, I used fresh ciabatta rolls from Trader Joe's, which are surprisingly high in fiber! I usually don't even bother to look at fiber counts on fresh "white" breads, assuming they're all made with bleached white flour. Boy, was I proven wrong. A 56g roll, packs 4g of fiber and 140 cals, and the their focaccia rolls are 210cal and 7g of fiber. It's like finding money in your pocket! They're both made with whole wheat, unbleached flour. (So how are they white?). Anyway, upon weighing, I found the rolls were actually 80g, but after scooping out the inside of the top halves, brought them down to 62g, 155cal, and 4.5g fiber per roll.

These I stuffed with arugula, the fruit, and "light brie", which is 70cal/oz., vs. regular double-cream brie, which runs 90-100cal/oz. In the future, I will definitely spring for the regular, double-cream. The light version (surprise, surprise) doesn't pack much flavor, nor does it melt quite the same way full fat brie does (slight duh factor there since fat is what gives cheese its 'melting quality'). I don't have a panini maker, but a George Foreman grill (but be careful when handling - that sucker burned my finger!) works just as well, so I sprayed ours with (gasp) olive oil and threw the paninis on for about 7 minutes. As a side, I threw some leftover steamed and roasted veggies on the same grill pan I used for the fruit so they picked up some of the same flavors, which was actually quite nice. Also one less pan to clean, so a nod to laziness. All in all, a 260cal sammie and veggies made for around a 300cal lunch (and 10g fiber!). Will definitely make again.