Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cooking in Tahoe

I just got back from a mother-daughter weekend in Lake Tahoe with one of my college roommates and our mamas. It was great fun - all the more so because they have a time share where we stayed in central South Tahoe, complete with its own full kitchen! I find cooking and eating together generally more enjoyable than eating out (especially in chain-restaurant/casino buffet land, where the eating out is not such a treat), especially since my friend and I are both really in to experimenting with different flavors and foods while keeping it all healthily delicious.

Our best meal was pesto chicken made with homemade pesto (fresh basil, almonds, sunflower seeds, olive oil, spices), accompanied by steamed green beans, grilled eggplant (sprayed with olive oil and s&p and thrown under the broiler for 10 min.), and yam fries (chopped into "fries" and baked until desired softness with s&p to taste). Eating away from home is easiest to do healthy (and still tasty!) when you can make it yourself (and have fun collaborating with fellow food lovers:).