Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting Real And Laughing Out Loud

I just read a comment someone left on my last entry and had to laugh. In reference to my remark on what a challenge it is in the US today to buy foods that are not genetically modified, do not contain added hormones, or are not fed by compounds produced in lab rooms, he told me I must not have seen much of the world and should get real.

First of all, I did not say that the US is the only place where this is difficult. After living in Asia for a year and subsisting on mostly instant oatmeal and protein bars because I had such severe reactions to the MSG that everything seemed to be bathed in, I know full well the ills of eating in the developing world. But that's just it - that's the developing world. I should think that comparing essentials like food (also healthcare, education, etc.) in "developed" vs. "developing" countries would be like apples and oranges. Otherwise, what's really the difference?

Secondly, while I was living in Europe last year, I couldn't get enough butter because it tasted so damn good. I saw eating bread as an opportunity to eat butter and therefore did so far more liberally than I do here. And not just in one country, either. Irish butter, French butter, Greek yogurt...I would take any of them over what we get here in a heartbeat because you actually can taste the difference in quality. So there is room for improvement in this country because as Americans, don't we deserve better? If not for us, then just think of the children.

So yes doll, I am getting real. Real foods that is;)